Learning to Learn, live-discussion / Aprendiendo a aprender, reflexiones en vivo

De Aldo Cristaldo para todos:  07:17 PM “Habitamos cada minuto que vivimos”, cuanta verdad, muy bien, excelente! De Fabricio Lázaro Villaverde para todos los panelistas:  07:18 PM La pandemia nos enseño que podemos prescindir de lo superfluo, no asi de lo significativo entre lo que destaca nuestro habitar en transformacion De Aldo Cristaldo para todos:  Continue reading

Post Professional and Continuing Education, topics for reflection / Formación Postprofesional y Permanente, temas de reflexión

Considering the boom/increase of postgraduate programs of study in the last 25 years, whether in the form of academic programs (doctorates and master’s degrees) or courses focused on professional development and/or aggiornamiento of previously acquired knowledge, we propose the following questions as possible topics for reflection: . How should post-professional education be approached when the Continue reading

Learning to learn, topics for reflection / Aprendiendo a Aprender, temas de reflexión

Students from the three organizing institutions and from three especially invited international schools of architecture will be the protagonists of the first roundtable of second series. The main objective is to provide a space where architecture students who study in institutions that operate under different formative structures and in different locations/cultures can exchange ideas and Continue reading